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Seminary Seal
In the established and time-honored tradition of institutions of higher education, the seal of St. Tikhon‘s Seminary symbolically expresses core values found at the heart of the Seminary‘s institutional life and ethos, which inspires and guides the learning and teaching process, as well as the public service of our students and faculty.

Emblematic of the symbolic legacy of the Orthodox theological schools of Russia, the seal of the Seminary depicts the image of the Lord Christ 'Not Made with Hands,' traditionally borne by the People of God on processional banners and standards of the Christian faith, set against the background of a Greek cross.

The Slavonic letters IC XC, characteristic of the Slavic historical roots of the Seminary‘s ethos, affirm the Lord to be the historical Jesus, Who was crucified under Pontius Pilate, Who suffered, and was buried, and resurrected on the third day, in accord with the Scriptures. The Greek letters O ON, meaning 'He Who Is,‘ or 'The Existing One,‘ exemplary of Orthodox Christian patristic theology, proclaim Him to be God, the Pre-Eternal Divine Word of the Father, Who in the perfect harmony of His theanthropic nature, as God and Man, is at one and the same time the Divine Teacher and Source of Orthodox Theology, as well as the Divine Object of Orthodox worship, the very Image and Likeness of the Father, and the Victorious Champion of our Eternal Salvation.

The two fronds of laurel in the lower part of the Seal are emblematic of Confession of Faith and Triumph of Victory in spiritual struggle, while the date '1938' signifies the year of the founding of St. Tikhon‘s Seminary.

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