Fr. David & Rozanne Rucker Visit the Seminary - 03/28/11

Fr. David Rucker, Assistant Director of OCMC (Orthodox Christian Mission Center), and his wife, Presbytera Rozanne, visited the seminary on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  On Monday evening, Fr. David gave a presentation on the progress of OCMC since he joined the organization in 2006.  He spoke about the primary goal and practical approach of those serving as new missionaries in other countries:  Learn the language, learn the culture, and love the people.  Toward the end of the presentation he fielded questions from the seminary community and offered a few stories from his own experience as a missionary in Hong Kong.

On Tuesday, Fr. David was joined by Presbytera Rozanne, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, for an evening with the seminary community wives.  The evening's topic was, "Does saying yes to God mean saying no to family?"  Those interested in a recording of Tuesday's talk can contact the seminary at

Many thanks to Fr. David and Rozanne for their time as well as Fr. David and Mat. Tamara Cowan for hosting the Ruckers and making arrangements for the evening.