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Archpriest Vladimir and Matushka Virginia Lecko were honored with a Synodal Grammota, presented by Bishop Paul during his recent visit to St. Mary's Cathedral in Minneapolis.  Click here to see the original story.  

Fr. Vladimir attended St. Tikhon's after serving in the military, learning much from Archpriest Basil Stroyen (Class of 1946), of blessed memory, who was then dean.  He served as choir director at St. John the Baptist Church in Edwardsville, PA.  As priest, Fr. Vladimir served as pastor of Nativity of the Holy Virgin Church, Madison, Illinois, and then moved to serve as pastor of St. Mary's Cathedral in Minneapolis, with other clergy.

Upon retirement from the cathedral, Fr. Vladimir continued serving in Northern Wisconsin, first initiating a mission near his home, and more recently serving at the Kursk Root Icon Mission in Weston, Wisconsin, when the parish was without a priest.  He drove 80 miles each way monthly to serve this ROCOR Mission, most recently assisting in orienting Fr. Edward Batchko (Class of 2013) upon his assignment to the mission in the fall of 2013.

Fr. Vladimir and Matushka Virginia have served as a model of service in the church for many decades. May God grant them both many blessed years, warmed by the prayers of so many lives that they have touched!

Photo from Diocese of the Midwest write-up.

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