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On Monday, May 15, 2014 the Seminary wives of the Graduating Class of 2014 were honored for their dedication and support with a celebration of their time within the St. Tikhon’s Community. The ladies shared food and told stories of their lives and experiences over the past few years. They also watched a video vignette of their seminary experience created by the co-director of the St. Tikhon’s Women’s Group, Leslie Patton, and the Seminary Hospitality Coordinator, Sophia Pierce. At the end of their time together they were given a gift bag, which included a copy of the video. 
This time for honoring the wives of the St. Tikhon’s Community is an annual event that allows a time for sharing and for remembering. It is also a time for the community to say "Thank you!" to those women whose contribution often goes unsung, but whose support is absolutely essential to their husband’s spiritual formation.
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