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This past Saturday September 17th could just as have easily occurred on March 4th because it represents in the minds and lives of the local community no less of a “Triumph of Orthodoxy.”  

Saturday marked a celebration several years in the making when the holy altar at All Saints Church was re-consecrated by His Grace Bishop Tikhon, after having been destroyed by a fire in 2006. The fire took not only the altar area but also damaged almost all of the Holy Icons which adorned the walls of the parish. 

This was possible do to the efforts of the faithful at All Saints and specifically the hard work of Fr. David Cowan (STOTS Alumnus 2007)and his wife Matushka Tamara. Their tireless efforts guided the community in Olyphant through one of the most difficult things a parish can ever face.  

The banquet following the event was a festive one filled with people celebrating like only a true family could at the end of a long and hard fought journey. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this time of renewal and may God continue to bless and allow this very literal “Trial by Fire” to continue to be a source of strength and vitality in their parish community.

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