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June 19-25 - Icon Writing Workshop to Be Held at Seminary - 03/24/11

Internationally known iconographer Ksenia Mihailovna Pokrovskaya will lead a workshop in the ancient art of Byzantine icon painting at St. Tikhon Orthodox Seminary in South Canaan, PA, June 19-25, 2011.

Pokrovsky is one of the key individuals credited with keeping the ancient tradition of icon writing alive during the Soviet Union's most repressive era. Pokrovsky will give hands-on instruction in iconography in a workshop titled "Six Days of Creation." Her contributions to preserving and passing on the art of the icon are acknowledged in Irina Yazykova's recent book, Hidden and Triumphant: The Underground Struggle to Save Russian Iconography", published by Paraclete Press, April 2010.

Two other gifted iconographers will be on hand to offer one-on-one attention to workshop participants. Anna Gouriev, Pokrovsky's daughter, has been immersed in the art of the icon since her childhood days in Moscow when her mother's art was officially illegal and punishable by imprisonment as a subversive activity. Marek Czarnecki of Seraphic Restorations is a long time student of Pokrovsky. His icon "Christ the Great High Priest" was chosen to honor the "Year for Priests" which was established by Pope Benedict XVI and ended June 19, 2010. Together, this iconography teaching-team offers the highest quality instruction available in the western hemisphere.  

Under Pokrovsky's tutelage, hundreds of students have learned the technique of egg-tempera, using a palette of gold, semi-precious stones and clays. The workshop offers a unique opportunity to work closely with this master iconographer, who attracts students from all over the world.

The workshop will be held at St. Tikhon Orthodox Theological Seminary, located in South Canaan, PA. The workshop is sponsored by the non-profit organization Hexaemeron.  More information on the workshop curriculum, tuition, and a downloadable application can be found at

To schedule media availability for Ksenia Pokrovsky or media access to the workshop, please call Mary Lowell at (859) 608-3608.

A flyer can be downloaded here.

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