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Members of the Seminary faculty are called to support the mission, aims, and objectives of the Seminary, as well as the scope and content of the curriculum, through the advancement of knowledge and practice in the core disciplines of professional theological education and pastoral care, as well as through identification and dissemination of teaching methodologies that improve teaching and learning in these disciplines. The Faculty shares in the responsibility of academic formation of candidates to Holy Orders, and contributes to their cognitive and scholarly growth not only in the classroom, but also by offering role modeling as a powerful force for formation and intellectual growth. Role modeling assists seminarians in developing habits of theological reflection and disciplined thinking about the larger issues of life and theology, and by helping to instill the values that define the priestly office. Members of the faculty who themselves have been ordained to Holy Orders are in a position to offer such witness in a unique way, because they are the most immediate source of identi­fi­cation with the priesthood.

Competent in scholarly endeavor, with a diverse religious and educational background, the Seminary faculty challenges the student to engage in a critical exploration of the foundations of theology and a range of perennial issues, including questions of the meaning of human life before God; the religious, social and cultural dimensions of the human community; as well as personal ethical responsibility. Through focused study of the human experience of God and the world, including historical and contemporary state­ments of religious belief, exploration of the meaning of faith in Christ as revealed in the Scriptures, as well as reflections on the nature of reality as seen through the minds of the great thinkers, the student will gain a firm appreciation of the richness of Christian tradition, an understanding of the vocation of Christian believers, the ability to think carefully about historical and contemporary issues, as well as the tools and skills necessary to engage in professional theological study and ministry.

The Faculty

The Most Reverend Archbishop Michael (Dahulich)
Rector, Professor of New Testament and Pastoral Theology
B.Th., Christ the Savior Seminary; B.A., St. Vincent College; M.A., Ph.D., Duquesne University

The Very Reverend John Parker III
Dean and Chief Operating Officer
B.A. College of William and Mary; M. Div.,  Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry; M.Div., D.Min., St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

The Very Reverend Archimandrite Sergius (Bowyer)
Lecturer in Spirituality
M.Div., St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

The Very Reverend George Alberts
Lecturer in Byzantine Liturgics and Byzantine Chant
B.A., University of Pittsburgh; M. Div., St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary

The Very Reverend Michael Demko
Lecturer in Pastoral Arts and Praxis
M.Div., St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

Brian-Seraphim Cardell
Library Director
B.A., University of Arizona; M.S.L.S., Catholic University of America

Igumen Cyprian (Durant)
Lecturer in Liturgics

David C. Ford
Professor of Church History
B.A., Colgate University; M.Div., Oral Roberts University; M.Phil., Ph.D., Drew University

Dr. Justin Gohl
Lecturer in Old Testement
B.R.E., Davis College; M.Div., Missio Seminary; Ph.D., United Lutheran Seminary

The Reverend Demetrios Harper
Professor of Dogmatic and Systematic Theology
B.A., East Tennessee State Univiersity; M.A., Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; D. Phil., University of Winchester

The Very Reverend John Kowalczyk
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology, Director of Field Education
Diploma, St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary; M.S., Mary­wood College; Cand. Theol., Moscow Theological Academy

The Very Reverend Archimandrite Gabriel (Nicholas)
Lecturer in New Testament Greek
B.A., State University of New York (Stony Brook)

The Very Reverend Milorad Orlic
Lecturer in Dogmatic Theology
M.Div, St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

The Very Reverend Michael Demko
Lecturer in Patristics, Field Education
B.A., Duquesne University; M.Div., St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary
Working on Ph.D. at the Antiochian House of Studies

Dr. Sampson Nash
Adjunct, Ethics
B.S., Texas State University; M.A., Trinity International University; M.D. University of Texas Medical School at Houston

The Reverend Dr. Paul J. Witek
Lecturer in Pastoral Arts and Praxis, Assistant for Academic Affairs, Registrar
M.Div., St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Seton Hall University


The Very Reverend Daniel K. Donlick
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Church History and Academic Dean
Diploma, St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary; B.A., Kings College; M.A., Marywood College


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