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2013 Wives, Faculty, and Staff Meet and Greet
2013 Wives, Faculty, and Staff Meet and Greet
2013 Wives, Faculty, and Staff Meet and Greet


The activities of the Saint Tikhon’s seminary wives are as varied as the group itself. Composed of the wives of the married students, faculty members, wives of faculty members, staff members and staff members’ wives, we are young and old, born Orthodox and convert, some of us have adult children, some of us have young children, some of us are employed outside the home and some are not, some of us home school our children and some of us send our children to school each morning. The thing that binds us together is that we are Orthodox Christian women whose husbands or who ourselves “live, teach, learn, and work” at Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary.


At the beginning of each school year, we have a Meet and Greet activity where we formally meet our newest members; they meet us, the rector, the administrators, and faculty and staff members. Some of our other activities include coordinating the Saint Nicholas Day celebration, the pre-Lenten party, our own version of Meals-on-Wheels in which we provide meals for seminary families who have newborns or illnesses, children’s play group, our annual talent show, retreats, choir directing classes, meal exchanges, book club, clothing exchanges, monastery visits, church school retreats, and social activities where we have the opportunity to just relax and enjoy being in each other’s company. 


We are here together for just a short period of time and it is a time in which we face many challenges and, often, life-changing events, especially the one where our husbands are ordained! So for us, it is also a time to be spiritually nourished and to grow into the wife that God has intended us to be!

St. Tikhon's Womens Group Event Calendar



Monday, September 2nd- Beginning of the year cookout at 12:00pm

Tuesday, September 10th- First meeting of the Wives Group with Bishop Michael at 6:30pm

Thursday, September 12th- Alumni Picnic

Tuesday, September 17th- Faculty meet and greet in the refectory at 6:30pm

Saturday, October 5th- Ritter’s Cider Mill at 10:00am

Wednesday, October 30th- Fall celebration: costume party and talent show at 6:30pm in the refectory

Saturday, November 9th- Wives chili dinner and game night at 7:00pm

Wednesday, November 13th- Wives guest lecture at 6:30pm

Friday, December 6th- St. Nicholas Nativity celebration at 6:30pm in the refectory



Wednesday, January 29th- Wives guest lecture at 6:30pm

Wednesday, February 5th- Wives guest lecture at 6:30pm

Thursday, February 13th- Wives appreciation Valentine’s dinner at 6:30pm in the trapezza

Date to be determined- Pre-Lenten celebration

Wednesday, March 12th- Wives guest lecture at 6:30pm

Sunday, April 6th- Pysanky workshop at 1:00pm in the refectory

Saturday, April 29th- Wives social

Thursday, May 15th- Dinner honoring graduating wives

Some seminarian wives have businesses and sell their home-crafted items in online shops.  
Please consider this unique and exciting opportunity to support seminarian families.
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Baby Items, Household Textiles

Alumni Updates

Contact the Seminary

   Post Office Box 130
   South Canaan, PA 18459

   Phone:  570-561-1818
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