St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary - Latest News 60 Hospitality a la Russe a Wonderful Success Sun, 06 May 2018 00:00:00 -0400 <div><img border="2" hspace="5" vspace="0" align="left" src=""><p>Many clergy and faithful gathered together at St. Michael's Center, in Jermyn, PA, for Hospitality a la Russe IX!&nbsp; The main photo shows seminarians and their families, and seminary administrative team members who also participated in this wonderful event hosted by St. Tikhon's Seminary Century Association.&nbsp; All those gathered were treated to wonderful music by the Kauriga Balalaika Orchestra during the course of the evening!</p> <p>Subdeacon John Lasichak, President of the Century Association Board, led the program for the course of the evening.&nbsp; Archpriest Joseph Martin, Spiritual Advisor, offered the invocation before the meal was served.&nbsp; Archpriest Steven Voytovich, Seminary Dean, welcomed all who attended, and invited the seminarians to look around the room to see all those gathered to support their commitment to complete their studies in pastoral formation.</p> <p>Subdeacon John presented Fr. Steven with a commitment from the Century Association, including proceeds from this event, in the amount of $15,000!&nbsp; Fr. Steven thanked those present, as did Archpriest Dennis Swencki, Seminary CFO.</p> <p>May God grant many years to Subdeacon John and all the members of the Century Association for a wonderful evening together!&nbsp; Thank you to Archpriest John Kowalczyk, Pastor of St. Michael's Church, for making the Center available for this event.</p> <p>(Thank you to Barry Bretz, Parishioner of St. Nicholas Church in Bethlehem, PA, who took photos for the evening, featured for this story.)</p></div> St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary St. Tikhon’s Seminary welcomes Archpriest Moses Berry Mon, 23 Apr 2018 00:00:00 -0400 <div><img border="2" hspace="5" vspace="0" align="left" src=""><p>Archpriest Moses Berry, Priest of Theotokos &ldquo;Unexpected Joy&rdquo; Orthodox Church in Ash Grove, Missouri, visited St. Tikhon&rsquo;s Seminary after having participated in the ordination of Dn. Samuel Davis to the Holy Priesthood on Saturday, April 21st.&nbsp; He gave a talk to members of the seminary and monastery communities on Monday evening, April 23rd.&nbsp; He is an inspiring presenter to listen to, both in recounting the realities of slavery that he and family members encountered and lived with, and sharing his hopes and dreams for the African-American community within the Orthodox Church.&nbsp; He celebrated the newly ordained Fr. Samuel Davis as one of the next generation of African-American clergy, seminary trained, to lead his faithful forward!&nbsp; He shared that currently excavations are occurring on his homestead property that once included a safe-house for slaves, and how those traveling through the area would know whether the way was clear for them to dwell there.</p> <p>Archpriest Steven Voytovich thanked Fr. Moses for his presentation, and intoned many years for Archpriest Moses, his family and his flock, as well as the newly ordained Fr. Samuel, his family, and his flock.&nbsp; Many who attended his talk remained to talk further with Fr. Moses, and Seminarian Ephraim Tauck, who knows Fr. Moses, assisted in getting him to seminary from New Jersey, and again back to the airport for his return trip.</p></div> St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary Mission Choir Celebrates Historic Visit to Lorain Ohio Sun, 22 Apr 2018 00:00:00 -0400 <div><img border="2" hspace="5" vspace="0" align="left" src=""><p>The Mission Choir visited Sts. Peter and Paul Church, in Lorain, Ohio, on April 21-22.&nbsp;&nbsp; The parish was celebrating its 105th anniversary!&nbsp; Five years ago, the parish sought to celebrate their 100th anniversary, and Metropolitan Tikhon, who was to join Bishop Paul, was unable to come due to suffering from pneumonia.&nbsp; Now five years later both Bishop Paul and Metropolitan Tikhon were scheduled to participate in the divine services together.&nbsp; An &ldquo;All-Star&rdquo; version of the Mission Choir (including members who graduated in 2017 who attended Dn. Jonathan Lincoln&rsquo;s ordination earlier in the day) sang Great Vespers.&nbsp;</p> <p>An interesting reunion took place between the Divine Liturgy on Saturday, and Vespers.&nbsp;&nbsp; Kathy Jacob introduced Fr. Steven to her brother, John Slanta (STOTS 1979).&nbsp; At Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Fr. Steven also met Archpriest Yves Claude Babich (STOTS 1980), Pastor of Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Lakewood Ohio.&nbsp; In perceiving that they were likely classmates, Fr. Steven brought the two together, who then began sharing their shared seminary experiences!</p> <p>After Vespers all traveled to St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church for a dinner and program prepared by Samuel Jacob, one of the newest members of the St. Tikhon&rsquo;s Seminary Board of Trustees.&nbsp; Protopresbyter Michael Gulgas, Parish Rector, was present for the evening&rsquo;s events.&nbsp; Fr. Andrew Bartek, Pastor of Holy Assumption Church in Marblehead, Ohio, closed his parish so he and faithful could participate in the weekend&rsquo;s events.&nbsp; A small ensemble of parish parishioners provided music during dinner.</p> <p>Parishioner Samuel Koukios was emcee for the evening.&nbsp; Metropolitan Tikhon, Bishop Paul, Michael Herzak (Seminary Board of Trustees Chair), and Archpriest Steven Voytovich, Seminary Dean, all offered comments.&nbsp; The Mission Choir also sang a short program of liturgical music celebrating the Paschal Feast.</p> <p>In the morning, Metropolitan Tikhon and Bishop Paul concelebrated the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, with Fr. Joseph McCartney, Pairsh Rector, Archpriest Basil Stoyka, and Fr. Andrew Bartek.&nbsp; Archdeacon Joseph Matusiak served with Protodeacon Edward Kolenda.&nbsp;&nbsp; The church was packed, well in advance of greeting the hierarchs.&nbsp; Fr. Joseph presented Fr. Steven with contributions to the seminary that would total nearly $10,000.&nbsp; The whole parish with celebrants took a parish photo on the front steps of the church!</p> <p>After the Divine Liturgy, the Mission Choir joined Metropolitan Tikhon in traveling to Ridge Hill Memoral Cemetery.&nbsp; John Lachowyn responded to a challenge during the Mission Choir&rsquo;s visit in 2017, committing $1,000 to have the Mission Choir visit his home during this year&rsquo;s visit, to sing a short program.&nbsp; John passed away in January, so the Mission Choir sang the responses as Metropolitan Tikhon served a Litya at his graveside, with his wife Rosyln and many family members present.</p> <p>Later that afternoon all participating in the Divine Liturgy were invited to the home of Sam and Kathy Jacob for an afternoon of more food that they prepared, fellowship, and another short program of liturgical music.</p> <p>Fr. Steven commented on how moving it was to visit Sts. Peter and Paul Church, feeling their supportive embrace these past few years!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; May God grant Fr. Joseph, Archpriest Basil, and parish faithful many blessed years as they look ahead to the next 105 years!</p> <p>(Photos by Seminarian George Davis)</p></div> St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary Alumni Update: Ordination of Dn. Jonathan Lincoln to the Holy Priesthood Sat, 21 Apr 2018 00:00:00 -0400 <div><img border="2" hspace="5" vspace="0" align="left" src=""><p>Dn. Jonathan Lincoln (STOTS 2017) was ordained to the Holy Priesthood on Saturday, April 21st, at St. Innocent Orthodox Church in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. He was ordained by His Grace, Paul, Bishop of Chicago and the Diocese of the Midwest.&nbsp; Among the celebrants was Archpriest John Zdinak, Diocesan Chancellor. Fr. Jonathan will be assigned to St. Joseph Orthodox Church in Wheaton, Illinois, as 2nd priest.&nbsp; Matushka Megan (STOTS 2017) is finishing up a residency CPE year, and the Lincolns are expecting their first child.&nbsp; Axios to Fr. Jonathan and Mat. Megan!&nbsp;</p> <p>It was also incredible to see how many classmates came to be with Fr. Jonathan and Mat. Megan on this special day, captured in one of the photos.&nbsp; Frs. Mikel Hill, John Kennerk, and Andrew Nelko concelebrated, and Marshall Goodge, Assistant to the Seminary Dean, was also among the faithful.</p> <p>(Photos by Seminarian George Davis)</p></div> St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary Ordination of Dn. Samuel Davis to the Holy Priesthood Sat, 21 Apr 2018 00:00:00 -0400 <div><img border="2" hspace="5" vspace="0" align="left" src=""><p>Dn. Samuel Davis, who enrolled in a one-year program of studies this fall, and quickly upon enrollment decided to complete the whole degree program, was ordained to the Holy Priesthood by His Eminence Michael, Archbishop of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey.&nbsp; He was ordained in what has been a mission parish in the diocese, St. Simon of Cyrene Mission in New Brunswick, NJ.&nbsp; Among the concelebrants was Archpriest Moses Berry.&nbsp; The mission anticipates reaching out to the African-American and Hispanic communities in the local area, and Fr. Samuel&rsquo;s ordination will allow this mission to work toward a more complete liturgical life even while Fr. Samuel completes his studies.&nbsp; Axios!&nbsp; May God grant Fr. Samuel, Matushka Julitssa, and their children Isaac, Morgan, Ava, and Alexander, many years!</p> <p>(Photos by Seminarian Vjekoslav Jovičić)</p></div> St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary